Echoing on Forever

Echoing on Forever

Lately, as my life grows more rich and more complicated, the sage words and sentiment of my 20 plus year mentor/brother have been running increasingly through my head and heart.

Bobby went to the other side almost two years to the day, but now, more than any time since then, I find his Clint Eastwood meets the Dalai Lama advice to be more useful than ever.

lead with your heart,

trust your gut,

keep turning corners,

listen carefully,

Just a few of his gems, and  behind each are rich anecdotes nearly a century old dealing with matters of business, love, loss and living fully.

I am thankful for the good, righteous and long run we had on this earth together and  I can only imagine how much fun and trouble we’ll cause when I meet him on the other side. No doubt he will saying some thing like, hey, Pollock, you did good down there but what took you so long, I missed you…

Live with love,








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