Golden Old Friends

Golden Old Friends

I reached out yesterday to an old friend that I’ve only seen once in the last 40 years and that was at another pal’s funeral. I needed a favor and thought he might be able to help.

It’s a crappy position when you haven’t communicated with someone for a long while and the reason you reach out is for a favor but within the humility that such a gesture requires lies some of the richness of old, deep friendships. You actually can reach out and ask for just about anything…

Robert Frost said,  “home is the place that when you have to go they have to take you.” I suppose a similar thing could be said about reaching out and asking old friends for favors but in a time where people often let us down and generosity can be a little thin it moves my heart to no end to have a buddy step at the drop of a text. I suppose Frost meant that too when he was talking about going home.

My friend’s timely generosity reminds how important it is to show up for the people that make up the fabric of our lives (old and new) and just how lucky I am to have had the circle I did so many years ago.

Thanks Fitz,

The Spika



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