Don’t Play it Safe

Don’t Play it Safe

These were the words of a famous actress when asked about her taking on a role in a recent movie that was very different from the kinds of roles she’s successfully played in the past.

Her words hit me deeply. So often we put ourselves inside of self created box filled things familiar, predictable and safe.

I like safety, I like consistency in pretty much all areas of my life but as her words permeated my head and my heart I was reminded of how important it is to spend some amount of time out on the edge of our comfort zone and perhaps well beyond it.

I believe that great things often come from doing ordinary things in a great way and…as Julia Dreyfus’s comment suggests, growth, personal evolution, and a certain sort of magic also comes from taking risks and getting uncomfortable for the right reasons.

Be brave, don’t settle and live with love my beautiful comrades.



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