A Gentleman Has Gone Home

A Gentleman Has Gone Home

First a milk delivery boy in some of the roughest parts of Scotland, later a laborer, truck driver, lifeguard (I didn’t know that but I like it) and coffin polisher. All before a few stints with body building and old fashion artist’s modeling which eventually lead to the stage and the big screen.

I wasn’t much of a Bond fan back in the day, although I think I would appreciate the simplicity more now but the role that always captured my heart, that i imagine is aligned with his character off screen, was his role in the Untouchables.

He was tough, loyal, kind, had a way with language and was a seasoned gentlemen who wouldn’t quit or die easy. His character joined a cause, late in his career that was hugely important for society and riskier than hell with the ultimate loss, as a distinct possible outcome. If somehow you haven’t seen it, rent it.

Mr Connery’s demeanor on stage was one of decency, class and a rough sophistication that frankly is a rare blend in film or in real life these days.

I’m thankful for the entertainment he provided us, for his example of persistence, loyalty to country and his level headed and gentleman like demeanor that he portrayed on film and in life.

Rest in Peace 007,



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