While slowly covering ground during a restorative session on my sup in the unseasonably warm January sun on the south end of The Mission Riviera I came across a sight so pretty, simple, peaceful, good and so right I stopped paddling to take it in more completely.

It was two small sail boats on a single moore, side by side connected to each other by one diminutive but substantial rope. The simple scene would have been a perfect creative essay topic or playful icebreaker topic as to who they belonged to and how they ended up in such a unique formation.

Who ever belonged to these vessels whether it was two lovers, old friends that hide out on lake mission or two family members the scene was thick with a cozy sort of  intimacy, cooperation and a closeness that on a summer day in January with a light dry salty breeze  was…perfect, just perfect.

Normally two boats parked in such a way would be dangerous to each other but between these two on this day just cooperation and cohesiveness.

Wishing each of you a very happy new year filled with lots n lots of perfect moments.

Coach Cris


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