Cris Dobrosielski has dedicated his entire professional life to educating, encouraging, and inspiring people to improve themselves and make the most out of their lives. At the center of thousands of success stories is Cris’s ability to inspire, not only by words, but by example.

Cris has spent a significant part of his life bravely confronting change, loss and adversity. The stories, characters, and the outrageous situations Cris has survived and thrived in are almost impossible to believe. They break your heart, give you hope, and leave you smiling.

Speech Topics

One Door Closes, Many Doors Open

The gut-wrenching, triumphant , and hilarious story of how 3 incredibly different Salisbury Beach Lifeguards fathered Cris after the tragic death of his dad when Cris was just 9 years old.

Playing Your Role

The inspiring story of how a determined and tenacious 5’4″ “little big man” lead and inspired a nationally-ranked New England championship basketball team, mostly from the bench.

Turning Corners

Multiple stories that detail Cris’s intense personal experience with pain, loss, and change (physical, financial and emotional). In each case, persistence, endurance and resiliency carried the day.

“We invited Cris Dobrosielski to our school during Red Ribbon Week to discuss the importance of embracing a balanced, healthy lifestyle and to ‘Say Yes To Healthy Living.’ He spoke to all of our 250 students in way that was age appropriate, energetic, inspiring, and FUN! He was able to challenge and engage all of our children from kindergarten through eighth grade, as well as our faculty and staff…”

-Mary Ann Thiebach

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