Taking A Breather

One of my beautiful nieces asked me tonight if I would be part of a science experiment she was doing. “Of course” I said, any time with my niece is some of the best time I spend.

At the age of 11 she conducted herself like a polished researcher. She placed a semi-sophisticated measuring apparatus on my finger to record temperature, gave some clear instructions and then handed me some head phones. Soon I was being spoken to by a soft voice taking me through a very rudimentary relaxation program. Simple as it was it was like a glass water after a long run.

At first I was preoccupied thinking about what I had to do when I got home and the e-mails I had to get to before too long but somewhere along the line I slowed a bit, actually started listening to the soft voice and doing the simple breathing techniques and next thing I new I found myself actually relaxing, perhaps for the first in months…

Sure I encourage my clients, friend and family to relax, breath and restore but as I sat with the little head phones on looking out at the setting La Jolla sun (sipping a taste of white wine, not sure that was protocol for the experiment) I was transported. Transported to a day when life was not quite so busy, when I actually used to take Yoga classes and employ teachers to coach and encourage me to breath more fully and restore more completely.

At first I thought of the great yoga teachers I’ve had over the last two decades, then my mind moved to the expert coaches I have played for and then to the brilliant minds that shared the great books and age old ideas. I found myself literally giggling as I thought of all the wonderful people that have shared their love and insight and have helped me expand my view of the world and develop my purpose.

When Aeriel said, “Times up” I didn’t want to leave. A couple deliberate minutes of quiet relaxation and I had authentic joy and thankfulness flowing deep.
What an unexpected treat at the end of of good but long day.

My suggestion to you,
1 if you get the chance to connect with your niece or nephew, son or daughter do it, no matter how tired or preoccupied you might be, I guarantee you’ll feel better afterward

2 Try some belly breathing, it really is good for you
3 never forget the good people that have helped shape you, call and tell them they mattered while they are still alive.

Be Well,
Coach Cris

Small consistent change, over a significant period of time, leads to Monumental Results


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