“Going the Distance”, Strategies for Aging Athletes

“Going the Distance”, Strategies for Aging Athletes

Gradual progression is something very few of us make time for. It’s usually not fun and often lacks the excitement of diving in all the way, right away.  Life, nature, policy, math and science all point to the truth that long term success in anything almost always comes from a well thought plan that is consistent with your goals and fundamentally sound. Add passion, persistence, discipline and long term commitment and you have a recipe for personal victory.

Over the next few months I will sharing pieces of my upcoming book, Going the Distance. The attached video was done by the Peggy Peattie of the San Diego Union Tribune for her viewers.  The focus is on gradual progression, proper technique and warm-up and cool-down for swimmers.  I wish you slow burning success, satisfaction and joy in your training and your life.  Have Fun, Coach Cris


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