“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” Reflections on Steve Jobs

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” Reflections on Steve Jobs

In October, I was saddened when inventor, entrepreneur and quality human being Steve Jobs passed on. We lost a great mind and a great man way to early. Several people forwarded me Mr Jobs’ commencement address from 2005 at Stanford but I neve made the time to watch, too busy surviving.

In need of a little inspiration and with a few uncharacteristic moments of free time this am, I watched it over oatmeal and coffee.  So glad I did.

If  you can use a little hope, encouragement and truth spend 15 minutes and take a look. If you’re too busy surviving, I understand, here are the cliff notes:

1) You can only connect the dots of your life looking backwards. Therefor be sure that you follow your instinct/gut/heart. If what your doing right now matters to you, don’t worry about pleasing others and don’t let the approval of others be your guide.  Have faith.

2) Find what you love to do, Love who you spend your time with and Don’t settle.  Remember that out of loss n pain comes truth (usually much needed) and new beginnings.

3) With death an as advisor, know that that you are already naked and really have little to lose by taking risks.  Your time to enjoy and contribute is short. Go get it.

His final words were, “stay hungry and stay foolish”.  If you feel like your appetite for enthusiasm is thin and your decisions way too calculated join me today in broadening your vision of possibility.

You are not alone,

Coach Cris



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