Educate, Encourage and Inspire

Educate, Encourage and Inspire

Two days of filming nearly complete with The American Council on Exercise’s professional team.  A great group of technical experts, creative designers and highly qualified trainers all attempting to raise the educational bar for new trainers.

24 years after taking my first position as a fitness instructor the availability of relevant research, ergonomically sound equipment and appealing facilities have all made monumental progress.  Although the science, tools and environments have all changed, the essence of the craft  continues to be Educating, Encouraging and Inspiring people to improve their health and their lives.

The extensive focus over the last couple of days on “the new trainer” has lead me to take a look back down the decades on my journey as trainer/coach.  The gaze down memory lane leaves me feeling grateful for every one of the thousands of people that have allowed me into their lives and given me the opportunity to help them help themselves.

As proud as I am of the pounds and inches lost, muscles toned, times lowered and goals achieved I am every bit as proud of the confidence that’s been developed, fears tackled and the improved attitudes of my students and myself.

I look forward to next quarter century of teaching, learning and improving.

Train smart and have fun,

Coach Cris




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