The Music Never Ends

The Music Never Ends

The original title for these thoughts was, The Day The Music Died, but that would have been the smaller part of the truth.

On November 16, 1978 Vincent Dobrosielski, my Dad was taken far too early from this great earth. As is the case with any significant loss, a hole remains that can never be entirely filled.

BUT, very soon after my dad’s death into my life came a stream of caring people whose love  helped tend to the wound, fill some of the hole and massage the scar.  It was through their care and guidance that I came to know two great lessons that have shaped my life :

God is “known” through the loving deeds of  his/her people.

Loss is an exchange more than it is a deficit.

These points are not just convenient silver linings, I believe them to be crucial ingredients of happiness, resiliency and longevity.  I believe they are some of the most important components to making your life matter and keeping the spirit of those who have gone away alive.

Hold strong to your good memories, whether people, achievements or a good time in your life.  Live in a way that honors, promotes, and encourages others to feast in the lessons there. Let the example of those people and things that have gone away be the music that you move to.  That it may lead you and those in world to enjoy more and live better.

Cling to to the best of those who have gone away and when sadness creeps in, and it will, remember the God (good) that has come into your life as a result of the painful situation. Remember it is an exchange…just look around you…

So I today and most days I choose Tony Bennett over Don Maclaine and that continues to make all the difference.

If your Dad is still in your life, call him and tell him that you love him and if he isn’t call someone else and tell them that you love them.  That’s God at work.

Friendship, Strength and Honor,

Coach Cris



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