Change Begins With Me (and you)

I firmly believe that each of us is responsible for Being, that is Living, in a way that exemplifies the change, hope and the improvement we want to see in our political, social and ethical world.

We all have our opinions, reservations and expectations of others, this is normal. I think we should stand up  for our beliefs, and live them out in a way that adds dignity, class and respect to the discussion. We can identify what we believe to be the truth, live in in the spirit of that truth but to do so as if our truth is the Sum and Only truth is hubris and narcissistic.

We can only really control how we think, talk and LIVE our version of the truth.  Looking for the best in another, meeting another 1/2 way (sometimes more than 1/2 way), resisting the temptation to criticize at every turn, most importantly being an example of all the principles many of us so deeply believe in is the only powerful way to define and communicate what we stand for.

Until each of us is a consistent example of the honestly, good judgement, balance and bipartisanism I believe we should spend the vast majority of our time improving ourselves not casting judgement. VOTE, mobilize the ideas we believe in for sure, but focus on being known as an example of all the ideas and standards we hold others to.  Not just when we are inspired or when others are looking, but when we are alone, when nobody is watching.

Do good things, be kind, be respectful, share the truth in love, stand up for what you believe in, be willing to compromise, focus on what You can do better in your life, be a better person, dad, mom, boss, employee….  Make the best of every situation you find yourself in, literally.

Most of all, remember, ALL of us are children of the same God, what ever you call her/him.

Friendship, Strength and Honor,

Coach Cris


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