Finding Your Oasis

Finding Your Oasis

I believe our lives are a reflection of our choices, expectations, and beliefs. How we perceive things affects how we respond to situations and to how other to people respond to us. I think Uncle Al was correct when he said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” I also believe that every day, and every moment we have the opportunity to shift and reset our views which impacts every area of our lives.

Creating regular recovery and restoration opportunities, no matter how small, is an essential component of keeping one’s spirit refreshed, relationships vibrant and an inner sense of optimism trending upward.

Webster 2,”Oasis”- a situation or place preserved from surrounding unpleasantness; a refuge.

Finding and regularly frequenting your own personal “preserve”, is A key ingredient to massaging your attitude and keeping your disposition positive. Whether it’s aS simple a mid morning coffee break to stretch the legs and see the world beyond your cube or the occasional out of town get away, it’s essential that we break our routines and take time to pause, embrace beauty, have fun, and be timeless in a way makes us feel alive and well.

As a student of latin dance, I have learned that it is not the fast pace that makes the dance so beautiful but rather the pause in the music/dance (quick-quick- slow), that accentuates the beauty of the dance and the human forms.

For me, Palm Desert and the greater Indian Wells area is a mental, emotional and physical oasis. Every time I go, I witness the majesty of God’s handy work in the surrounding mountains and in the gorgeous  landscape of the continental floor, I get off the frenetic city life pace, and I embrace an environment that sets my head, heart and body right.

Though I sometimes opt for a sand dune and my own private canyon in the wild land to the South in the Sonoran Dessert, this more populated area of the Mojave combines the opportunity to connect with like minded folks along with immense natural beauty.

The bubbling spring waters of Agua Serena Spa at The Hyatt Grand Champions Resort  is where I go to sit quietly and indulge in pleasures of the senses. Hot tubs, cold pools, flowers scaling the southwest architecture, gorgeous outdoor showers and immaculate steam, and  saunas. From a physical recovery stand point, these amenities are exactly what my over trained body needs to restore.

me spa

The routine usually starts with a walk in the local hills or a very light gym workout in their well appointed fitness center. Next, some solo stretching in their yoga studio and finally on to the outdoor waters under the trellis to sweat, sit, and dream.

I find it very cleansing to drink copious amounts of their deliciously flavored ice water (with fruit plucked from their own trees) and old world decadent to mix in at least one short indoor session, sitting in my thick Egyptian robe while enjoying a hot cup off delicious coffee, and reclining in their comfy indoor lounge.

I especially love being there in the late afternoon and watching day turn into dusk, with  brilliant pinks and reds on the distant mountains as I rap up my time of  decadence.

All this for $20. Unbelievable!

I commonly follow that up with a healthy meal before I catch a few songs at the local Sinatra cover show.

franks place

Frank Disalvo always sings songs that make me smile, cry a little, and dance a ton.

Regardless of time of the year, the night usually closes with an outdoor fire pit session at the Hyatt were the smell of  desert flowers are carried on the back of warm night winds, putting the finishing touches on another great evening.

AM in the oasis typically brings a long hike up the mountainous hillsides that are right at the edge of town.

Since my desert trips only occur  a few times a year, I do my best to create little oasis trips within my daily world here in gorgeous SD. Whether that’s a lunch time hike up Cowles Mt., a beach cruiser ride to the coffee shop for a mid-afternoon espresso or the early am waterman’s workout at the miracle mile in Cardiff or the sands of La Jolla Shores, it’s about reconnecting with what I love.

The results are largely the same with each of those special rituals, a renewed perspective, an improved attitude and a deeper appreciation for the bountiful life I’ve been blessed with.

Where ever you are and no matter how busy you are, be brave, creative and make time for trips to your oasis. Regardless of your budget, (and I do all my trips on very  low budget) the deliberate act of getting out of Dodge or just changing the routine a bit, is a potent way to renew, restore and improve your disposition.

For more information on the Hyatt Spa in Indian wells visit:

Train smart, have fun and never give up,

Coach Cris



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