Bring It In

Bring It In

“Bring it in”, these have been my last words at virtually every team practice I have lead over the past 2 decades. I purposely bring my troops together, in close quarters, to acknowledge the effort of the day’s work, plant a seed or a vision for tomorrow’s tasks and share a moment of gratitude for our team as family, and the gift that we had that day to do what we love one more time together.

We are entering a time of the year that means many things to many people. Regardless of the success, disappointment, pain, victories, and unanswered prayers of the days gone by, I believe the season of light is a time to Remember and Imagine. Mostly, a time to acknowledge all the things that have gone right for you and those most important to you, and a chance to give thanks for all those things that could have gone terribly wrong and  didn’t.

For those headed home, enjoy your journey and the inevitable craziness of it, and for those still seeking a home, I assure you, it’s closer than you realize if you keep your heart open, and press on.

Stay well, stay young, and remember that it’s never too late to start over again.


Coach Cris


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