A Stolen Kiss, a Pat on the Tush and the Evening News

As I rolled along after dark on the back streets of East UC, I found myself mesmerized by the gorgeous show of lights, elated beyond measure with every step of the jog I was on and intoxicated by the wintery smells coming from the chimneys and the local kitchens.

I looked off to my left into the quickly passing rows of windows in the senior housing flats and I caught a most precious moment (and what is life but a series of moments), a priceless, shivers up the back of the neck, tender moment.

A man, not a day under 80, came up from behind on what had to be “his girl” and put a surprise soft kiss on her left ear and delivered loving little pat to her bottom.

I continued my run, smiling all the way around what is a demanding hill loop. As I came back around headed the other way I couldn’t help but take a quick gaze into the little love shack in the senior center.  There they sat, one on the sofa the other right close  by on a chair, holding hands, watching what looked like the evening news….

It’s never to late to start over, you’re Never to old to be a lover and NEVER Give-up on life.

Love n friendship,

Coach Cris


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