These are the good old days

These are the good old days

A wise old curanduro once said, “I wish there was a way to know you are in the good old days before you actually left them.”

I’m not sure anything more true has ever been said. Life is so slippery and we tend be so distracted, fickle and fragile (for a lot of understandable reasons) that the moments just seem to escape us.

It’s a real kick in the ass that wisdom comes from experience, which means, by definition, we aren’t very wise while we are going through the paces, and it’s only later the we have a clue.

So how about this for anyone who accepts my premise or anyone whose bored enough to read on.

Life is now, right here, right now. Crying baby, irrational boss, bad news from the doctor, traffic awful timing….

But in between the baby’s tears is perhaps holding your lovers hand while watching a comedy show, or, in spite of your irrational boss are co-workers that make you laugh, who are fun to have coffee with or who are good company at a random happy hour or at the holiday party and… the second after the bad news that we all eventually hear are moments, precious moments, to share with the one whose time is limited (and all of our time is limited amigos).

People matter the most and time with them is the good old days, wether you are aware of it or not.

Finally thoughts,

In the end,if you had the chance do anything different, change one thing…

wait, wait a minute, if you are reading this right now, you do have the chance to do something different. You do have the chance to make new choices, you do have the chance to look at things differently.

Be in the space that you are at, don’t give up, don’t count yourself out, Instead, stick your feet in the earth that you hover over and apply your heart, your head, your gut and your genitals in the place you find yourself and embrace the very best it has to offer. These are the good days folks, really.

Friendship, Strength and Honor,
Coach Cris


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