Here’s to Love

Here’s to Love

Life runs in cycles, like it or not, both the real good and the bring you to your knees rough, that’s just how it goes.

Over the last few years I have been to far too many funerals, beside friends and family to burry some of the most important people in my life. Loss did not carry the day but it has weighed heavy…

Not his weekend however, no funerals for me, instead, a wedding! A beautiful young couple, an ambitious celebratory platform over 3 nights, friends old and new and it is time lean in to the lighter side of life, the best part of life, which is love, connection and dance.

It has been a privilege over the last several years to watch my friend James and his beautiful, soon to be bride Kimberly build their friendship and shape the early stages of what is sure to be a lifelong adventure of love and learning. I am honored to stand by them as they publicly share their promises to one another.

As David Brooks says, Marriage is one the few great commitments that are corner stones of a life worth living, along with commitment to a community, philosophy/faith and vocation.

I encourager each of you, regardless of how hard or easy of run you’ve had as of late, to take a deep breath, plant your feet firmly where you are, in these tiring but still potent days of summer and remember that it is love, friendship and covering ground with like hearted souls that matters the most.

Brothers and sisters here’s to love and to new beginnings, fresh starts and better days.

Live with love,



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