High Life

High Life

Carlos Castaneda once said, “with death as the ultimate earthly advisor, why do we continue to live each day as if we are immortal?”

I’ve thought about this many times since I read it in college almost 30 years ago, from a variety of perspectives and each time, even though my life circumstance and attitude was a little different, my take away always had similar threads:

  1. Seize the day but don’t rush
  2. Be brave but be humble
  3. Take nothing or nobody for granted but don’t know that things change and people often go
  4. Explore but loving the familiar and going home is ok too
  5. A great life is blend of quality and quantity time
  6. Don’t give advice, just support and make suggestions if someone asks
  7. Love, intimacy, integrity and quality commitments are the main dish and the secret sauce

I don’t believe we should approach life with the brakes on or looking over our shoulders regarding what we might have done or could have done if things turned out differently.

I do believe we should recognize how precious each day is and regardless of how strong, fearless or potent we perceive ourselves to be, that we should never forget that life is short and meant to embraced fully, from the heart, soul and head (in that order).

That this holiday season should be filled with lots n lots of good fortune for you and those closest to you is my wish for each of you.

If your days are not as merry as you’d prefer my prayer for you is that with stamina, support (however strong or meager) and faith you would find the determination to carry on because I’m certain that behind your current episode of challenges there is a good, rich and abundant set of opportunities available that are closer than you think.

Keep turning corners, covering ground and never, ever give up amigos,








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