Watching some Netflix on demand tonight as I have recently dumped cable in an attempt to simplify my life a bit. Read more and plug into more meaningful entertainment is the goal, we’ll see.  Watching Ken Burns AWESOME documentary on our national parks (treasures).  I was so inspired when I first watched some of this documentary before, I bought a four wheel drive vehicle, requested camping gear for my birthday and swore I’d see all of them before too long.

Happy to report that as I watch the first episode a year and a half later, I have been to 3 of the parks. Not a blistering pace, but a good start.  There have been so many times in my life where my good intentions sat idle, being too busy to embrace my dreams, waiting for a better time, when I had more money, or less work or…..  No more!

By the time I am 100 I will get to all the parks at the pace I’m on. I welcome any and all feedback on your park adventures and I invite you to take the plunge into whatever thing you’ve been putting off that might add some joy to your life, even if it’s just doing some research, buying a book, making a call. Taking the first step.

Momentum is born out of the first step.


Friendship, Strength and Honor




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