Friends, Fitness and Nature, “the 1st step”

Friends, Fitness and Nature, “the 1st step”

Welcome one and all to Monumental Results’ on going free community fitness class at La Jolla Shores, on Tuesday @ 8:30 am behind the main lifeguard tower.  Light aerobic work, muscular endurance and full body flexibility is on tap.

The class is being offered primarily for the benefit of those that can use a little help building some positive momentum in their fitness routines and in their life.  I especially welcome those finding their way through unemployment issues, depression and procrastination.

Come on out and walk with us and please forward this message/video on to those in your life that would benefit from a little momentum, nature and fun in their  life  as we move towards the holidays and the New Year.


Friendship, Strength and Honor,

Coach Cris



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