New Year/New You Channel 6 Summary

New Year/New You Channel 6 Summary

For those that watched our Tv segment today, thanks for tuning in.  I am grateful to SD Channel 6, for stepping up to promote long term, safe solutions to improving health/wellness.

Where ever you are today in your journey, your future is an unwitten chapter.  What you believe and your willingness to make small steps in the right direction are the only potential limiting factors.

Review of the Primary Circuit Training Exercises:

1) Reverse Lunges/Super Heros on Physio-Ball

2) Lateral Squats/Classic Crunches on Physio-Ball

3) Split Stance Band Rows/Face-Up Ball Bridges

4) Plank Push-Ups With Twist/ Wonder Dogs (floor)


Review of Primary Stretches

1) Lying Hamstring With Strap

2) Spinal Twist

3) Alternate Leg Stretch

4) Supported Lunge Stretch

Key Points to New Year’s Success

1)  Identify long-term goals, but focus on day-to-day, week to proximal steps

2) Communicate your goals with friends and family

3) Set up a specific and realistic workout schedule

4) Focus on improvement not perfection

5) Remember, “Small consistent change, over a significant period of time, leads to Monumental Results”


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Friendship, Strength and Honor,

Coach Cris




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