Be Accountable

“Promptly admit when you are wrong.” These words, when put into action, hold great personal power.

A friend of mine who continues to bravely succeed in walking the path of sobriety laid them on me about 4 years ago. They stuck right away.

For a lot of good reasons many us have a real hard time with following through on this. It often seems easier to make excuses, blame other people or deliver half truths to seemingly save face for our mistakes.

Taking responsibility for ALL of our actions and letting people know we are sorry and accountable for things we get wrong builds internal constitution, self esteem and makes the people around us better, as we give them permission to be real and be flawed as well.

Being wrong and be accountable can be painful, especially for those of us who grew up in cultures of guilt and shame. But the good news is we’ve grown up and survived! And the bigger truth is that accountability, honesty and transparency does our body, spirit family and our community a big service.

Be brave and do your best to accept responsibility for the things you get wrong, admit it when you’re wrong and then do all you can to improve the next time.

Friendship, Strength and Honor,

Coach Cris


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