Thoughts from the side of the hill

Thoughts from the side of the hill

The following are some observations I made while on a righteous walkabout in Mission Trails earlier today.

1) The number of cars present on an early morning, late in January, tells me that some San Diegans are doing better than last year one keeping their new year’s commitment to exercise more often.

2) It’s the cloudy sky days that make blue sky days seem even more beautiful.

3) Sometimes it’s good to start with the hard stuff (steep side) 1st.

4) Heart warming to see moms n little girls walking, talking and exploring nature together.

5) Unexpectedly crossing paths with friends on the side of the mountain always puts a smile on my face.

6) Statement from podiatrist I met up with on the hill, “I’m seeing about 10 people or more, every week, with fractures to the bottoms of their feet, due to improper progression and minimalist footwear.”

7) Sun protective clothing can be sexy.

8) Milky, hazy skies are calming.

9) If your child is crying and screaming well before the summit, maybe you’ve gone too far.

10) God is revealed  when one human bestows love or kindness upon another human.

Train smart, have fun and never give-up!

Coach Cris



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